Get Rid of Uncomfortable Bras Once and for All

Finding the right bra takes a lot of patience, perseverance, and of course, trial and error. Your bra hunting skills have undoubtedly given you some seriously transferable skills. But they’ve come at a cost. 

How many bras have you taken a chance on and bought, only to discard them soon after?

Shoved to the back of your cupboard a couple of weeks later, never to be seen again. You’d much rather be wearing your most comfortable bra (the one you rarely wash because it’s always on). 

The list of why bras are the most uncomfortable piece of clothing you own is never-ending. But for starters we’ve got:

  • Underwire that pokes into your skin and leaves red marks behind
  • Little to no adjustability of shoulder straps and clasp sizes around the rib cage
  • Itchy, polyester materials that don’t let your skin breathe

Yikes, that’s a lot of no-nos!


Exit Bra, Enter Bralette

If you’re ready to throw that long list of cons out the window (as well as your old bras), let’s get acquainted with the bralette! Maybe you’re almost ready to throw one in your shopping cart. Or perhaps you’ve heard good things about bralettes but aren’t ready to ditch your trusty old bra yet. 

If you’re a little uncertain, rest assured, bralettes are popular for a reason, many reasons in fact. There are now so many brands that claim they have, the best Australian bralette, that you can’t go wrong. 

Whether you’re a bralette newbie or someone who never wants to wear a bra again, this guide will get you excited about bralettes. You’ll be able to switch out your daggy old bras that have never sat quite right. And replace them with something that feels like you’re wearing almost nothing.



Are Bralettes and Bras the Same?

If you thought bralette was a fancier way of saying bra, let’s clear this up once and for all…

Bralettes are more delicate and daintier than a bra and have little to no padding and no underwire. They provide slightly less support than a bra would and let your breasts sit more naturally. They embrace their shape, whether they be perky, saggy, big or small. 

A good bralette holds your breasts in place rather than restrains them tightly against all movement, as a bra would. 


So Why Were Bras Even Invented in the First Place?

Good question! Before we jump into why bralettes are perfect for just about everybody, let’s brush up on some history. 

An entrepreneurial woman named Mary Phelps Jacob patented the first brassiere in 1914. 

Identifying as someone with a larger bust, Jacob found that wearing an undergarment could help women wear a wider range of clothing. They provided support whilst being immeasurably more comfortable than a whalebone corset. 

There was a lack of diversity in women’s clothing options. Most dresses called for women to be of a certain shape or size to fit into fashionable clothing. When a woman with a larger bust came along, they were forced to squeeze into an unflattering dress, as per the beauty standards at the time. 

So basically, for Mary, it was the whalebone corset or a bra. Not a particularly difficult choice.


Who Should Wear a Bralette?

By now you’ve probably come to some conclusion along the lines of:

Bras = more support, less comfort 

Bralettes = more comfort, less support

The rigid wiring structure around the bra band does to some extent provide more support and elevates the breasts due to its structure. And maybe our plus-sized gals out there or anyone with a generous bust might think this means that bralettes aren’t for them. 

But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Let’s break down the anatomy of a bralette and why they’re perfect for people of all sizes.

Bralettes sit snuggly across the chest, providing support and holding your breasts in place. Their flexibility and the slight stretchiness of the fabric mean that movement does not deter the bralette one bit. 

Any potential fears and worries about an accidental nip slip while reaching your arms overhead to take your jumper off are taken care of. 

Your bralette moves with you, expands with you and has got you covered on all fronts.


Bralettes are Also Healthier

But that’s not all. Breasts are a sensitive area of the body and bralettes allow your breasts to have a little more space, and shapes them without cramping their style. 

You know that feeling you get at the end of a long day when you get home and the first thing you do is take off your bra? You know what that feeling is - blood getting restored to your chest area after a day of tight compression. 

What if you didn’t need to take your bra off to achieve that feeling? 

A bralette, especially a bamboo or modal bralette, will let your skin breathe easily.

Modal is a super, eco-friendly alternative to cotton. The bio-based fabric is made from spinning beech tree cellulose into a yarn and then fabric. Beech trees require less water than cotton and as a result, the production process of modal uses about 10-20% less water.

Not only is modal breathable and soft on your skin, it’s sustainable and biodegradable so the environment is a big fan as well.


Bralettes Are for Everybody

So next time you’re shopping for a new bra, remember - the comfort payoff when wearing a bralette is HUGEEE. 

If you’re looking to buy bralettes in Australia, or are looking for bralettes designed in Australia, Cici Underwear has got you covered. Not bragging or anything, but Cici is definitely in the running for the most comfortable bralette in Australia. 

Cici bralettes fit like a glove and have got that comfy AND sexy thing going on. 

But there’s more good news. Bralettes have become such a staple in so many women’s closets. And that means that there is no shortage of stores selling quality Australian bralettes online. Happy shopping!


Written by Moira Deutinger