Cici Partners with RSN Foundation

Cici has donated hundreds of pairs of underwear to the RSN Foundation. 

Refugees to Save a Nation (RSN) is a South Sudanese based non-profit organisation, with a focus on empowering women and providing girls with an education.

Issues of gender inequality highlight women’s lack of access to health resources such as underwear and sanitary items, as well as their exclusion from receiving a quality education.

Cultural expectations and norms dictate that domestic chores are the responsibility of young girls and women, impacting their ability to attend school and study.

Additionally, girls on their periods are sometimes unable to attend school and participate in classroom activities due to the lack of underwear and sanitary items available to them.

Cici’s donation of hundreds of pairs of underwear addresses the extreme period poverty affecting young girls in South Sudan. 

By accessing underwear, girls are able to continue learning and attending school while on their periods, thus improving their access to equal opportunity.


Written by Moira Deutinger